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  •  	 Wrist Cuffs w/ D-Ring
     	 Wrist Cuffs w/ D-Ring

    Wrist Cuffs w/ D-Ring

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    Our basic cuffs get consistently good reviews. They are functional, attractive, and inexpensive. They can be used on wrists, ankles, and upper arms. They are made from 2" wide pieces of heavy leather, hand-trimmed and fitted precisely with metal hardware. A metal plate with a semicircular ring at one end of the cuff slips through one of a series of slots punched in the leather to fit a range of diameters.

    Wrap the cuff around a wrist, ankle, or upper arm, and insert the ring through whichever slot provides the desired fit. A lock, snaphook, chain, or rope must be placed in the ring to secure the cuff.

    A silver-colored D-ring is riveted near the middle of the cuff, providing another point of attachment.

    For a general-purpose set, we usually recommend the mid-size. For a more custom fit, please refer to the sizes listed, or send us the measurements you need.

    Prices are per pair. Locks are sold separately.

    Small/Med 5¾" to 7¾". (J005)
    Large 6" to 8.6". (J006

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